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About My Daily Cents

Do you want to become financially independent?

Do you want complete freedom to choose what to do and not do?

Do you want to be the master of your own destiny versus have someone else in control?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

This site is about the few, essential steps everyJuan needs to take to become financially independent.

When I say “everyJuan”, I mean anyone. Everyone who applies these principles consistently over time will become wealthier. They will also achieve financial independence well before most others.

This will help you kick start your financial freedom journey. These are lessons I've learned through out my investing journey.

I'm sharing this to every Juan, as you know, we Filipinos, don't talk about money at home, with our family or even at school. As a result, many of us are hit by adulting. I hope that you get practical concepts that you can apply easily on your day to day life.

Welcome to My Daily Cents!

This site will equip you with foundation too

ls to help you become financially independent by achieving your short-term or even medium- to long-term goals. I will share tools and tips that helped me improve my net worth and you can pick and tailor fit concepts that is more applicable to your current situation.

About the Author

I'm on my early-30s, youngest of 5 siblings (but somehow the head of the household :D because of my immense financial responsibilities) and happily living with my partner and 4 fur babies.

My interest in personal finance was a gradual process which built upon itself through a series of events. Some of the highlights include:

  • I grew up rather poor in a small town in the Northern Philippines and knew I didn’t want to live that way as an adult. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be wealthy and I geared my career choices towards high-paying professions.

  • Our family suffered from various financial losses due to lack of understanding of financial planning. In high school, we lost our main stream of income due to fire (twice!). Several family members has medical condition which latter forced us in liquidating all of our properties. We were not prepared (emotionally and financially) with loss of 2 members of our family, pushing us to resort on taking loans to pay-off hospital bills and funeral services.

  • I worked my way life and corporate world spending the last 11 years working with Global consulting firm support Fortune 500 companies. Working with C-suite of global companies to improve their bottom line helped me understand the bigger picture of the business world.

  • I started investing on the financial markets and emerging financial instruments such as Crypto currency.

  • Personally, I'm obsessed on managing my personal finance and always find ways on how I will be able to maximize the value of money to reach my investment goals.

  • My interest in financial market led me on my career as a Financial Advisor. I worked with clients to assess their current financial health, understand their financial goals and help them create strategic actions to make better financial decisions.

  • Counseling others taught me a great deal about real-world money issues. I could see first-hand what was working and what wasn’t. Much of our learning was from seeing others’ mistakes.

  • My partner and I also work together like business partners on managing our finances. (I think this is also key on our strong and supportive relationship)

  • This motivated me to pay off all of my debts and invest for growth and later for income.

  • Now, we're focused on preparing for our retirement. I don’t say any of this to brag but to just let you know that I’m fairly knowledgeable in the subject and have actually accomplished something financially myself.

From personal experience, and the experience and testimonials of my readers, I know these principles work. I hope you will take them to heart, implement them, and achieve your financial goals.

My Daily Cents Values

My philosophy is simple and focuses on doing these simple things to achieve financial independence:

  • Earn

  • Save

  • Invest

  • Insure

  • Retire

There’s a bit more to it than that, of course, but if you concentrate on these areas, they will get you at least 90% of the way there.

Thanks for visiting!

DJ Sonza

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